Frank Yeboah added 3 new photos. May 27, 2015 · Just arrived in Santorini, Greece…. My current situation…. You, Hazel Yeboah Berkoh, Shirley K. Davis, Mary Estacion and 25 others like this. Comments Adedoyin Akinnurun… View Post


Arrived in Athens, Greece…. By the way, one of the best Metro systems I have ever seen. What is all this talk about Greece being broke? Which one is broke? I haven’t seen any signs… View Post


May 19, 2015 at 5:59pm – Just got into Rome, and I had to rush to the Coliseum to get some shots at night. It is an amazing structure. Standing on the same ground in which Gladiators… View Post

Cinque Terre Hiking Tour

Welcome to the Italian Riviera… La Dolce Vita! Visited the towns that dot the Italian Riviera today on the coast. What a splendidly beautiful country. I trekked 8 miles walking from town to town. My… View Post

Piazza del Colosseo and Ancient Rome

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