Italian Food Touring, Tasting and Eating

 May 23, 2015 · Rione di Trastevere, Italy · – Did a Rome food tour today, it was incredible. Food in Italy is outrageously delicious… They know something about cooking here…. Frank Yeboah added 8… View Post

Largest Church in the Smallest City in the World

 May 21, 2015  – Incredible tour of the Vatican today. I learned so much and saw so much. Filled with humility…the place is simply magnificent. I saw inside the Sistine Chapel but pictures are strictly forbidden… View Post

Leather in Florence is like Fudge on Vanilla

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Florence! Is there no end to your beauty…. By the way, I have seen and been on the Pont Alexandre III Bridge in Paris and always wanted to compare it to the Ponte Vecchio in… View Post

No Red Lobster or Olive Garden in Italy

Frank Yeboah May 16, 2015 · Been to Red Lobster like twice, been to Olive Garden once. Never liked either place. Anyone who calls the stuff they peddle in those places, Italian food, deserves a… View Post