Facebook Posts Flashback 2007 – 2014

Facebook Posts Flashback 2007 – 2014
March 7, 2010 Post – Photo Shoot with Daryl Brown Tia White and Charlene Brown –  3 photos in Charlene Brown‘s album CHARLENE STYLES.

GoodTimes with Good Friends 5 photos in Marian Asibi Mahmoud‘s album Harvard Africa Bus Conf 2010.

Oct 27, 2010 Post – Emeka and Bukola Wedding

7 photos in Dare Mensah Kumolu-Johnson‘s album Bukie’s wedding weekend in Baltimore.

6 photos in FearfullyMade Abbie‘s album BukolaEmeka’s Special Day2.

Nov 4th, 2010 – Channel O awards

5 photos in Sijuade Oluwaseyi Adedokun‘s album Mobile Uploads.

15 photos in TolumiDE‘s album South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, United Kingdom – Promo Tour – NOV/DEC 2010.

Feb 28, 2011 – Music from our land series 5 photos to TolumiDE FB album Mobile Uploads.

I’5 photos in Jesus House Toronto‘s album Tolu MiDe’s visit to JHT.


Abigail de Casanova January 7, 2012 Vintage shopping with my fabulous girlfriends — with Jinne Hassan and Tolu MiDe at Fredericksburg, Va.  Restless  — with Jinne Hassan and Tolu MiDe at beaucoup vintage.
Photo: Restless :)


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If you love cool, soulful, passionate music, you will love Tolu MiDe – TolumiDE The Soulful Singer -> http://zenmagazineafrica.com/culture/tolumide-soulful-singer/

How can I describe sour Ijebu Garri soaked in cold water, ice cubes, loads of sugar sprinkled with groundnut… so good!

Ghana!!!! so proud of y’all menhh!!! Represent Big Time!! Let’s go Black Star Let’s go!!! I’m eating Kenkey and Shito tonight to celebrate!!



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