I have found Nigeria’s missing Billions

No one should wonder where Nigeria’s missing Billions are. I have found the money. It is here in Dubai. The amount of money these Nigerian politicians are spending on villas, cars, and shopping here is disgraceful.

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OL Oluwole
OL Oluwole lol – money dey flow

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah It is not ooo! I just want to alert you that I have found it for you people. It is just a neighborly gesture. I should even get a commission

Adedoyin Akinnurun
Adedoyin Akinnurun This man leave our moni alone… Face Ghanaian cedis…lol

Harry Baba
Harry Baba lol…. Frank Yeboah , you talk true…. no mind Adedoyin Akinnurun…lololol….See Translation

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah Harrison Nwozo, we all know Adedoyin Akinnurun is a Tea Party Republican so these things no dey concern am

Harry Baba
Harry Baba haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i was thinking the same thing…did not want to say it out loud again…lolol

Adedoyin Akinnurun
Adedoyin Akinnurun I will never be DEMOCRAT …. I am Independent ….

Harry Baba
Harry Baba a conservative independent….

Tolu MiDe
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