I love my Mommy!! Celebrating all Mother’s Today

I love my Mommy!! Celebrating all Mother’s Today

TolumiDE – Mummy Love!

‘Singing Sweet Mother, I no go forget you… – Prince Nico Mbarga

I love my mum because she was a beautiful, strong woman and a great role model. She

raised me with a balanced mix of discipline, humility and a unique sense of freedom that

has molded me to be the creative individual I am today. My mother instilled in all her

children the significance and value of duty. She taught me to be a lady at all times, sit

properly, say please, thank-you and help out in the kitchen without being asked to do

so. She made sure the responsibility of cleaning our rooms was her children’s and not

our house maid. As I look back, I remember her splitting my siblings and I all into two

groups. Group A had to cook family dinners for the whole week and Group B had to tidy

and clean the house, and we would reverse the roles each week.

I love my mum because she chose wisely by marring my wonderful father and raising

five children. My parents led us with their example of diligence and working hard to

provide us all with a quality and well-rounded education. My mother’s grace, style, and

elegance are my most treasured legacies from her life, as I seek to live my life with those

same qualities. One of my fondest memories was borrowing my mother’s clothes to

imitate her style. All her seventies outfits were transferred to my closet when the trend

came back in the nineties. Her lyrical taste influenced my appreciation for music. As a

musician today, I am often drawn back to the beautiful artists she introduced me to as

a child, artists such as Tracy Chapman, Chante Moore, Candi Staton, Christie Essien

Igbokwe and Onyeka Onwenu.

I love my mum because she constantly reminded me to pray about everything. I am

honored God blessed me with her and I am grateful for Heaven and the opportunity to

reunite with all departed saints that love and obey God such as my mum. Love you and

Miss you! Mrs Adeyinka Olumide (1952 – 1998).

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