Mediterranean Travel Time

Mediterranean Travel Time

Last year we did an incredible “We love Asia tour”, this year We love the Mediterranean… I hope it is even a…

Frank Yeboah
Steve Keyz

Steve Keyz I wish you safe and blessed trip!!!

Mary Estacion
Mary Estacion Have fun u two! Can’t wait to see the pics when u get back!
Adeoti Adeniji

Adeoti Adeniji Girl! your truly having a blast! will you touch London by any chance?

Dolapo Olumide

Dolapo Olumide Have a great time and enjoy each other. God bless you.

Efua Opoku

Efua Opoku Maaaaannnnnn!!! That’s awesome!! Enjoy ooooooo

Henry Ogungbile

Henry Ogungbile Passing by Amsterdam by chance?

Uduma Ukwa

Uduma Ukwa Blessings upon you sis.

Vytas Reid

Vytas Reid Hope to come to another performance one day soon!! Your awesome!!

Ken Roseman

Ken Roseman Have a great time! I look forward to your report!

Carla ßurrell

Carla ßurrell Miss you Tolu. So glad you’re happy.

Kristy Jones Cooper

Kristy Jones Cooper Both you guys’ facial expression is making my morning!!! Love it! HAVE FUN!

Last year we did an incredible “We love Asia tour”, this year We love the Mediterranean… I hope it is even a fraction as good as Asia. We shall see!

We begin the story in Milan

One last grand shot of Milan before I get on the train. This is the Duomo, biggest church in the city.

Frank Yeboah's photo.

This is the amazing Vittorio Emmanuele Shopping Mall in Milan, it seems Prada has threw up on itself in this city. You cannot go anywhere too far without seeing a Prada store here. Tolu MiDe

Frank Yeboah's photo.
Camille Fontanella
Camille Fontanella You guys are near my people!
Temitope Olonisakin

Temitope Olonisakin Elemure Ogunyemi, oleku. God rest his soul.

Fola Babalola

Fola Babalola Temitope Olonisakin, I can’t YOLO, going with family… of five…so you know my account is sweating

Frank Yeboah

Frank Yeboah Fola Babalola, I am glad you are bringing the kids too… Let them see the world at a young age

Temitope Olonisakin

Temitope Olonisakin Lol Fola! Will still be fun now. When you think of the money, you no go get choice but to take it all in and not miss a thing.

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