Home via Rome

Home via Rome

Back in Rome… Greece was wonderful but now I am back in the Eternal city of Rome one last time… Tried loads of restaurants in Rome on this trip and promised myself on my last night I will return to the best I have had in this city. So I am back to Bellacarne Restaurant…. Food here is awesome. Located in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome, never knew Jewish food was that good. Everything about this place says class…

Our “We love Mediterranean trip” is sadly coming to an end…. Both Italy and Greece were amazing…Florence is my new favorite city. Rome is an open air museum, so much history everywhere on every corner. Venice was simply incredible. Athens was way better than I expected. Santorini, one of the best islands I have ever seen. Food was great in both Italy and Greece. We made some great friends along the way and would love to return. Tolu MiDe



Kosher Restaurant · Rome, Italy

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The husband ,who did not want to share his gelato with his wife

Anita Soundar's photo.
Anita Soundar's photo.

Charles Betow These people are having way too much fun

Frank Yeboah

Frank Yeboah Charles Betow, the fun is over… Vacation don finish. Depression has now set in

Frank Yeboah

Frank Yeboah This place, Vasa Vasa, has the best Gelato in Milan. Your knees buckle when you taste it.

Tolu MiDe

Tolu MiDe Loads of fun hanging out with our dear friend Anita Soundar. Yummy Indian Dinner – Homemade smile emoticon and Gelato for dessert. Memorable last evening in Italy. #GoodTimes

Fola Babalola

Fola Babalola Thanks, vasa vasa

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