Just arrived in Santorini, Greece…. My current situation….

Adedoyin Akinnurun I am calling bank of america on your behalf.

Frank Yeboah They have downgraded my credit due to this trip

Taiye Akinmboni Enjoy so you can tell where to go next.

Uche Newman I’ll like to go there I’ve heard a lot fantastic things about Santorini.

Frank Yeboah Uche Newman, you must… It is stunning

Markesha A. Malone

Markesha A. Malone When I grow up I’m be just like you’ll man

Fola Babalola Why dont I know this man early!!!!! kai!!! I feel like moving into that pool!!!!

Fola Babalola Frank Yeboah, you are forgiven ooooo!!!!! cry emoticon

Frank Yeboah One pool regular, the other Na heated pool…

Bahia Love Akerele Frank Yeboah stop it you are killin us…heated pool…love it…have a blast

Frank Yeboah It is quite nice, I must admit… Definitely coming back to Santorini in the future

Frank Yeboah It isn’t as much as people think it is… It is quite reasonably priced here

Yohann de Silva You absolutely need to visit the town of Ia on the island.

Frank Yeboah Going to Oia on Friday

Fola Babalola Frank Yeboah, need to sit with you. Give me the low down on these places

Frank Yeboah It would be my pleasure

Fola Babalola With costing and routes. All the hookups, places to visit, eateries, hotels, etc

Frank Yeboah No problem! All people see is the finished product, the pictures I post. A lot of research and work goes into planning these trips. You can do them in a cost effective manner, it just takes discipline planning. I also save diligently…

Fola Babalola That is why I will sit with you thoroughly…bringing my computer and calculator

Heather Murphy So jealous!! You are on my dream vacation!

Frank Yeboah First tip is that you cannot get 4-5 star hotels in every place but you can easily get them at good rates in some places. If you see our hotel in Milan on this trip, the room was so small cuz Milan is very expensive but Santorini, 5 star hotel/resorts are very affordable if you look carefully… So you mix it up… Milan 3 star, Santorini 5 star… Fola Babalola

Frank Yeboah Heather Murphy, I always wanted to go to to Italy/Greece… Glad I am finally doing it

Fola Babalola I am very particular about hotels. Don’t mind small hotels but be clean, classy with good restaurants

Frank Yeboah This is why I religiously read tripadvisor… It has like 100 reviews from people who recently stayed at the hotels… I read them about every hotel before making a selection

Frank Yeboah Bro Fola Babalola, secondly, if the hotel doesn’t come with a good breakfast, I scratch it off my list… I make sure the hotel feeds me a good breakfast so I can get light lunch and really only pay for a good dinner. Hotels with breakfasts are key
Fola Babalola Yep Frank Yeboah, don’t need to do lunch or dinner in the hotel…I know I will out there sightseeing. ..Hot breakfast is a must

Frank Yeboah Know the city you are going to. Milan is the business capital of Italy… Financial hub… So weekdays, hotels are pricey cuz of the business travelers but weekends prices drop cuz no one is really hanging in Milan on weekends. The opposite is true for a place like Santorini, where weekends is party central and weekdays are slow

Frank Yeboah Then there is a place like Rome, where prices will stay constant no matter which day of the week, so then you get a hotel a bit further out or in the residential areas were it will definitely be cheaper. Our hotel in Rome was in the immigrant neighborhood, just take bus/train into town. The hotel served us just a place to sleep

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh Marian Adjei-Ampomah r u seeing these pics??? This boy is really rubbing it in… My current situation consist of time outs, potty training and helping with homework. Lol

Frank Yeboah Fola Babalola, when we went to Thailand last year, you will be shocked that our 5 star hotel was $82/night and it came with everything. You just have to know the city you are going to.

Frank Yeboah LOL! Hazel Yeboah Berkoh…. I bet I know who is in time out…

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh You know it’s Josh the boss..he gives himself time out to teach us a lesson lol

Marian Adjei-Ampomah Hazel Yeboah Berkoh I’m so jealous watching these pics.

 Hazel Yeboah Berkoh They r such show offs lol

Fola Babalola Just want to be in that water for the whole day

 Frank Yeboah LOL! This is the relaxing part of my vacation…

DeeDee George What an awesome vacay Frank!!!

Shirley K. Davis Aaahhhh!!!

Our day out in Santorini, Greece… This beautiful island!!!!! Tolu MiDe


Olumide Oloyede Frank Yeboah u are punishing us with these beautiful pictures.

Frank Yeboah It is not my intention… Just want to share

Muyiwa Tegbe Allow the privileged man. he is coming back home soon

Frank Yeboah Moving into someone’s basement in Vosges… Whether he likes it or not

Muyiwa Tegbe Sorry, the M-IL occupies that space now. I can only accommodate Tolu
 Frank Yeboah Shameless tribal man! So Tolu can come cuz she is Yoruba, but not me.

Frank Yeboah You this cousin of the Oba of Lagos

Muyiwa Tegbe Who sabi you? Privileged Ghanaian!!

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh Eiii Marian Adjei-Ampomah, they are at it again. This is honestly beautiful…we need to start putting money away for vaca getaway…Frank Yeboah, can u please be our travel agent???

Frank Yeboah I am available as travel agent and tour guide if you guys just pay my ticket… Please make it first class

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh Pay ur ticket, I beg mister Frank, we just need Ur guidance as to where to go and how to get deals, we do not need it physical presence lol…u have taken enough vacations for all 3 of us lol

Muyiwa Tegbe

Muyiwa Tegbe See the privileged Ghanaian trying to eek out another trip

Frank Yeboah

Frank Yeboah LOL! See these people…Marian Adjei-Ampomah, check your paddy oo! She is disturbing my peace today

Marian Adjei-Ampomah Eii Hazel Yeboah Berkoh, no more ghana trips for me. Greece is beautiful.

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh Ahhh Marian Adjei-Ampomah paaa we are talking about taking trips and u bring up dumso as a a comparison. I tell u even with a first class ticket and pocket money, I will not go to that country in the state it is in right now. Frank Yeboah, I remember just a few years ago, u contemplated relocating there…

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah This Hazel Yeboah Berkoh of a woman… Why must you remind me of the crazy things I say out loud in the past… I leave you in the hands of my nephew JOSHUA to deal with you…

Last stop in Greece is the wonderful village of Oia… I must return to this place….Tolu MiDe

Frank Yeboah's photo.
Frank Yeboah's photo.

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