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No Red Lobster or Olive Garden in Italy

Frank Yeboah May 16, 2015 · Been to Red Lobster like twice, been to Olive Garden once. Never liked either place. Anyone who calls the stuff they peddle in those places, Italian food, deserves a… View Post

So many Nut Butter choices

Couldn’t decide on which nuts I wanted with my #Raspberry #Pomegranate fruit spread jelly so bought em all #Almond #Pecan #Cashew #SunflowerSeed #Walnut Going to try with my new discovery #BestEver #GlutenFree #Bread by @Atwaters… View Post

Having Plaintain Fufu Okro and Beef stew

Yummy Beef stew Hot Peppery Beef Stew for lunch. Sorry healthy gurus.. I had to use palm oil for this one. Mommy Kike Thanks for the glaas dish – it’s perfect for my meal. Cheers… View Post