Tolu Dubai Selfie in Hotel

Traders Hotel ‪#‎Dubai‬ – waiting for tour guide – TolumiDE – 1st visit really Cool Place smile emoticon

Tolu MiDe's photo.
Frank Martell
Frank Martell I have only two thoughts:

1) What did Yeboah do to trick you into marrying him?See More

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah She has been ordered to not talk to Chelsea people.

Frank Martell
Frank Martell Can’t wait to see you, my man. If you think my wife wasn’t given a similar order towards Liverpool, you are mistaken. Of course, her 3 brothers are Liverpool people…

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah My wife’s dad supports Chelsea

Fisayo Fakunle
Fisayo Fakunle Well…Blue Frank i think that strategy will work…then she can talk Red Frank i to trying Chelsea for a month….she’a GOT to be tired of seeing him spending so much time crying in the bathroom..

Gbenga MrSolitude
Gbenga MrSolitude Tolu my question is how did Frank manage to still catch the game while on vacay LMAO. He gets a pass sha cos he’s a true GUNNER…as are you…right?

Camille Fontanella
Camille Fontanella Beautiful wife. Beautiful life.

Tolu MiDe
Tolu MiDe Gbenga MrSolitude Yes O! Vaca can’t stop Frank Yeboah from anything Gunner related… That was the contract I had to sign before he would marry me smile emoticon

Tolu MiDe
Tolu MiDe Awww Frank Martell so sweet smile emoticon Look forward to meet you & your wife soon. Somehow Frank swept me off my feet n i couldn’t resist saying “i do”. I may consider one blue braid strand if y’all happen to win this year…. but rooting for Gunners! so gotta stay within the family of RED for ma hair highlights smile emoticon


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