We go Travel – Time for Joburg in SA

We go Travel – Time for Joburg in SA

So our Johannesburg South Africa┬átrip in 2010 was a quick one. I would say the furthest we’ve traveled and for the shortest amount of time spent. We flew South African airways which is actually quite pleasantly good. For an 18hours flight in economy class from DC, they gave us exquisite service, nice array of entertainment option and tasty meals with a South African tough of spice. We arrived on Thursday November the 4th (My mums birthday ­čÖé we were quite tried ready for a nap in anticipation for┬áthe awards ceremony later that evening. Channel O admin crew picked us up along with two other African nominated acts and we were off to Sandton to check in. I did a bit of networking then took a took a 2hour nap to revitalize. Then it was make, dress and out to lobby for our pick.

We got seated behind 2face Idibia whom I met earlier in the┬áyear from FestAfrica festival booking and also at Nigeria Entertainment Awards. I didn’t take home the trophy for Best R&B music video but i took home loads of pride in display of African Art Music and Talent and the many opportunities I have to be part of the ever growing family.

After the awards the next 48 hours was spend taking a glimpse of the city. We took a 2hour tour met up for lunch with our friend Tayo and window shopping at the mall.

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