We Love Japan Tour Begins

We Love Japan Tour Begins

Time for another Trip – DC – LA – JP – LA – DC- Here we go!









Carissa Black-Foster
Carissa Black-Foster Hey…where ya going Frankie? Be safe

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah LA…. Then off to Tokyo tomorrow

Tolu MiDe
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Dzifa Acl
Dzifa Acl Minister of Leisure…. please take lots of pictures. Safe travels.

Zahra Adam
Zahra Adam Safe travels and enjoy!!

Fola Babalola
Fola Babalola Nice…enjoy

Hazel Yeboah Berkoh
Hazel Yeboah Berkoh Safe travels. We all want to be like you guys when we grow up.

Aniukwu Whyte Aniukwu
Aniukwu Whyte Aniukwu Safe Trip Bro. Madam, thank you for making him change his eyeglasses. ???

Debo Olorunmola
Debo Olorunmola Was the choice of Tokyo Obama inspired?

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah LOL! Nothing I do is ever Obama inspired

Debo Olorunmola
Debo Olorunmola Okay…nice coincidence 🙂

Tolu MiDe
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Olayinka Davids
Olayinka Davids We’ll meet u there!

Olu Faloye
Olu Faloye God speed

Adedoyin Akinnurun
Adedoyin Akinnurun I really envy you…
This jealousy pass hatred…See More

Frank Yeboah
Frank Yeboah I have heard good things about Japan

Tolu MiDe
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Leo Zeini
Leo Zeini Eiii who are these two super stars. Have a good trip bro

Camille Fontanella
Camille Fontanella Have a great time you two!

Daniel Adusei
Daniel Adusei Looking good guy. Look at that G over there

Daniel Adusei
Daniel Adusei Lovely couple

Graham Stevens
Graham Stevens Can’t wait for the pics

Tolu MiDe

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