Our day in Venice, possibly one of the grandest cities I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. However, you don’t see Venice, you do Venice. The place is too beautiful for mere words. An absolute treasure.
Frank Yeboah added 10 new photosMay 15, 2015 · Milan, Italy ·
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Gbenga MrSolitude FRANK!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo jealous!!!

Gbenga MrSolitude I’ve wanted to go to Venice for a long time!! Next year by Gods grace!! Chai Tolu you have truly changed this new Accra man. He is now an Ajala the traveler. Next stop na ambassador post remain!!.

 Frank Yeboah Gbenga MrSolitude, Venice is totally worth it. Very unique and special place. Bring you walking shoes though… You go walk tire

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